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Due Diligence

Due Diligence Preparation on Behalf of Startup/Corporate Clients

When assisting our startup and corporate clients in preparation for a significant financial transaction (e.g. seed funding, merger, acquisition, IPO) the focus is to ensure that the intellectual property portfolio is ready to withstand the critical review that will be performed by the potential investor.

Activities during due diligence preparation include:
  • Perform an Internal IP Audit
  • Ensure that patents and/or patent applications cover the products of the company as well as potential development areas
  • Identify IP related risks and develop an action plan on how to address them with the potential investor
  • Review any Opinion letters that have been sent to the company
  • Package company IP materials in preparation for investor review
  • Assist company with responding to any requests and resolving issues discovered during due diligence

Due Diligence Execution on Behalf of Investor Clients

When working with our investor clients in a due diligence project, the focus is to ensure that the intellectual property portfolio of the target company is solid and represents a significant value to the investor.

Activities during due diligence execution include:
  • Perform a comprehensive review of the target company’s IP portfolio
  • Perform a review of the IP Landscape in the technology field of the target company
  • Identify risks or possible gaps (validity, freedom to operate etc.) in the IP of the target company
  • Develop plans to mitigate or minimize any risks identified
  • Create budget of costs associated with maintaining and further developing the IP portfolio
  • Provide overall opinion on the strength of the IP portfolio
  • Assist with final “go” or “no-go” investment decision