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Case Study: Amplimmune

When health care and information technology investor InterWest Partners was considering a stake in Amplimmune, a groundbreaking biologics startup, they turned to Pabst Patent Group (PPG) for intellectual property due diligence on the deal. A biotechnology spinout company from Johns Hopkins University, Amplimmune showed tremendous promise for its development of immunotherapeutics with the potential to revolutionize treatment for cancer.

After we completed the due diligence, InterWest decided to make the investment in Amplimmune. Impressed by our depth of knowledge in biotechnology, they asked us to serve as patent counsel and prosecute the patent portfolio for Amplimmune’s proposed products.

Our team then got to work on developing a robust patent portfolio that could withstand competitors’ challenges and secure maximum patent terms while being broad enough to cover potential products. We developed a comprehensive defensive patent strategy to protect the company from third parties’ patent encroachment, monitored patent applications directed at similar technologies, and filed third-party observations and/or oppositions in other patent applications that might challenge Amplimmune’s patents.

Amplimmune grew into a highly respected immune-based biologics development company and was later acquired by MedImmune, a leading global biologics research and development company and the research arm of AstraZeneca. We are proud to have worked with this venture in every stage of its growth: from due diligence for investors, to startup, and all the way through to acquisition by one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.