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Foundation for Business Objectives

Establishing an intellectual property (IP) strategy early on is a wise investment - one that can serve as a strong foundation from which to grow. Pabst Patent Group LLP often works with clients from inception and helps them create an IP strategy to support the company's prime objectives.

Multifaceted Protection

An effective IP strategy is one that focuses on a combination of patents, trademarks, and trade secret protection.

Developing a comprehensive patent portfolio represents a significant investment that can be structured in phases. Initial focus is typically on broad patents that cover key technologies. These patents can have varying claim scope (e.g., claims to compositions, methods of making and methods of using) in order to provide the most diversified protection.

We help our clients build a patent portfolio that also includes licensing-in patents and obtaining defensive patents in areas in which the company wishes to keep competitors at bay. A structured patent portfolio provides our clients leverage in licensing deals and positions our clients for joint ventures or research collaborations.

An IP portfolio is incomplete, however, if it does not protect the company's non-patent IP as well. We help our clients protect names or symbols used to identify its products or services by filing intent to use trademark applications early on in development. When patent protection is not viable or appropriate, we help our clients devise mechanisms to protect their innovations as trade secrets.