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The Biotechnology Industry

In just a few decades, the U.S. biotechnology industry has grown from a few startup companies to a major industry. Yet the basic challenges for biotech companies still remain: high costs, high risks, and long development times – a business climate that underscores the need for rigorous intellectual property protection.

Biotechnology Expertise

Pabst Patent Group LLP has the necessary expertise to develop and execute successful intellectual property strategies in the biotechnology industry. We provide IP counseling and litigation support services to support a broad range of new biotechnology discoveries. Our specific expertise in molecular and cell biology, developmental biology, biochemistry, genetics, transgenic organisms, neuroscience, immunology, drug delivery, and tissue engineering gives us a unique ability to help biotech firms protect their intellectual property assets.

Biotechnology IP Services

  • IP Strategy Development
  • IP Audit and Landscape Analysis
  • Prosecuting and Filing Patent Applications in the US and Foreign Jurisdictions
  • Representation in Patent Interferences, Reexamination Proceedings, and International Oppositions
  • Litigation Support
  • Due Diligence for Mergers, Acquisitions, and Partnering
  • Drafting and Negotiating License Agreements
  • Trademark Prosecution and Counseling

Examples of Biotechnology Patents

Below are exemplary patents that we have obtained for our clients in the biotechnology industry:
  1. US Patent No. 7,618,448 "Polymeric, Degradable Drug-eluting Stents and Coating" assigned to Tepha, Inc.
  2. US Patent No. 7,576,261 "Nematode Resistant Transgenic Plants" assigned to University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc.
  3. US Patent No. 7,575,921 "Spore-like Cells and Uses Thereof" assigned to VBI Technologies, L.L.C.
  4. US Patent No. 7,399,591 "Dual Resonance Energy Transfer Nucleic Acid Probes" assigned to Georgia Tech Research Corporation
  5. US Patent No. 7,279,463 "Triple-helix Forming Oligonucleotides for Targeted Mutagenesis" assigned to Yale University