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Case Study: NuLabel

We were hired by NuLabel Technologies, a startup founded by graduates of Brown University, to secure patent protection for a new chemical formulation the company had pioneered for adhesives. NuLabel’s fluid-activated adhesive broke ground because it eliminated the need for conventional non-stick liner labels or wet glue processes, saving companies millions in packaging and label costs.

Our client’s adhesive solutions had real commercial value and would likely be embraced by an array of industries. Given the significant and wide market potential, our challenge was to obtain strong patents rights that would effectively exclude competitors across multiple sectors.

Our team drafted a series of broad patent applications and aggressively prosecuted them to ensure NuLabel obtained comprehensive intellectual property protection. We have helped the company secure 24 granted patents across 12 jurisdictions worldwide, and we continue working with NuLabel to capture global patent protection for its proprietary technology.

Thanks to our key role in building NuLabel’s patent portfolio, the startup was able to bring its adhesive technology to market, and today labels millions of products for companies around the world.