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At Pabst Patent Group (PPG), we partner with pioneers in the life sciences and chemical fields to turn breakthrough discoveries into products that succeed at market. Our goal: to obtain broad claims that are enforceable against competitors, provide the market exclusivity needed to attract business partners, and maximize commercial value.

We leverage exceptional scientific credentials, deep experience in intellectual property law, and extensive knowledge of the marketplace to deliver value for universities, research institutions, startups, established companies, and investment firms. We understand the complexities of their discoveries and inventions, allowing us to provide innovative, business-oriented counsel. Our clients rely on us to procure patents, provide intellectual property strategy, perform due diligence, and provide legal opinions.

Universities and Research Institutions

Universities and research institutions must walk a fine line between cultivating and promoting trailblazing scientific investigations and managing the fiscal burden of an intensive, expensive research program. Our lawyers, patent agents, scientific advisors, and legal professionals understand the challenges faced by technology transfer offices as well as the need to secure significant returns on research investments. We excel at finding ways to turn our clients’ new discoveries into revenue-producing intellectual property assets while remaining sensitive to their budgetary constraints.


For many life science startups, the value of the enterprise resides in its intellectual property. When a groundbreaking idea has the potential to form the foundation of a multibillion-dollar business, a comprehensive and robust intellectual property strategy is crucial. We help startups protect their technologies and appeal to potential acquirers or business partners by creating strong, enforceable patents that exclude competitors and withstand challenges.


We work with a wide range of investment groups helping them understand, quantify, and manage risks associated with forming or investing in a life science venture. For venture capital firms looking to develop a new company based on a novel idea or discovery, we analyze and assess the areas of greatest commercial impact and advise on comprehensive patent prosecution and trademark strategy. For investors considering investing in or acquiring a company, we conduct critical due diligence on the target company's intellectual property portfolio to ensure they are making an informed investment decision.

Some clients that we have represented include: