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  • Ph.D., Chemistry, Emory University
  • BSc, Chemistry, Earlham College
Paul Beasley, Ph.D.
Scientific Advisor
Tel: 404.879.2168
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Paul Beasley, Ph.D. serves as a Scientific Advisor in the areas of chemistry and pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Beasley assists with prior art research, patent application drafting and patent prosecution before the USPTO, and corresponds with foreign associates to guide the prosecution of foreign applications.

Dr. Beasley graduated from Earlham College, with a B.S. degree in Organic Chemistry and obtained his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Emory University. His graduate research focused on the metal catalyzed methodology development and organometallic synthesis. Through ligand design, Dr. Beasley optimized metal catalyst and fine-tuned reactive conditions to promote the complex synthesis of vinyl ethers and the formation of other carbon-oxygen bonds.

Dr. Beasley has a first-author publication with 8 years of research experience and 9 years of teaching experience leading courses at the undergraduate level, conducting science educational research, and designing laboratory-based courses for teaching advanced synthetic organic chemistry.

Dr. Beasley’s technical expertise spans numerous applications of synthetic, organic, environmental, and medicinal chemistry. During his research experience, Dr. Beasley developed FRET based indicator displacement assays for characterizing binding of methylated lysine, designed efficient total synthesis pathways towards complex compounds, and determined toxic metal levels in surface water through ICP and GFAAS.

Dr. Beasley received science communication and an advanced graduate teaching fellowships due to his commitment and expertise in science education and communication. He has also presented his research at science conferences such as the 254th American Chemical Society (ACS) national meeting and exposition.