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At Pabst Patent Group (PPG), we understand both the complex concepts underlying scientific discoveries and the business strategies behind their development. This dual knowledge helps us find legal solutions that others can’t envision.

Whether we are building comprehensive intellectual property portfolios, advising on strategy, rendering legal opinions or providing due diligence on major intellectual property transactions, our goal is to deliver maximum value for our clients.

Strategic Business Focus
We approach IP with one only objective in mind: to secure the kind of market exclusivity that creates business opportunities for our clients. Our team employs creativity, practicality and pragmatic business sense to capture the fullest, most advantageous scope for each patent. 

Impeccable Credentials
Our team of experienced lawyers, scientific advisors, and patent agents has impeccable credentials, including advanced degrees and bench research experience. We understand the technical details behind our clients’ most important innovations, discoveries, and inventions, and we excel at finding ways to turn them into revenue-producing assets.

Tough, Relentless Prosecutors
When responding to rejections from the patent office, we don't take "no" for an answer. We fight on behalf of our clients to obtain the broadest possible claims and reject compromises that may be easily granted but lack meaningful value. When necessary, our team stands ready to present written and oral arguments before the Patent Trial and Appeals Board. 

Driven by Relationships
We nurture long-term partnerships with our clients, investing extraordinary personal attention and time to understand their businesses and align our counsel with their goals and values. This level of service — and our strong track record of results — has attracted leading universities, cutting-edge companies, and investors in promising startups that are transforming the life sciences and chemical industries to rely on our firm for counsel.
“PPG is amazing to work with. When you work with patent offices, it's important to have people that understand the science that you're doing. The people at PPG are really on top of it. They follow up. They care about the technology. Their knowledge, experience and commitment to the fine details lead to meaningful claims that are ultimately commercialized.”
Edith Mathiowitz, Ph.D.
Professor of Medical Science and Engineering
Center for Biomedical Engineering,
Trainer in the Biotechnology and BME graduate programs
Department of Molecular Pharmacology, Physiology and Biotechnology