Pabst Patent Group | Biotechnology
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We combine extensive experience in the natural sciences with up-to-the-minute knowledge of the risks and opportunities clients face in bringing their discoveries to market.

Cognizant of the high costs and long development times involved in transforming inventions into products, our lawyers and advisors build successful intellectual property strategies designed to maximize market opportunity and protect against competitors.

Universities, research institutions, startups, and investors value our extensive experience in molecular and cell biology, developmental biology, biochemistry, genetics, transgenic organisms, neuroscience, immunology, drug delivery, and tissue engineering. From strategic counseling to patent prosecution, due diligence, legal opinions, and litigation support, we deliver business-oriented counsel that achieves our clients’ most important goals.

Biotechnology IP Services

  • IP strategy development
  • IP audit and landscape analysis
  • Prosecuting and filing patent applications in the U.S. and foreign jurisdictions
  • Representation in patent interferences, reexamination proceedings, and international oppositions
  • Litigation support
  • Due diligence for mergers, acquisitions, and partnering
  • Drafting and negotiating license agreements
  • Trademark prosecution and counseling

Notable Work

Below are exemplary patents that we have obtained for our clients in the biotechnology industry:
  • US Patent no. 10,961,301 “Cell-penetrating anti-DNA antibodies and uses thereof inhibit DNA repair” assigned to Yale University, The Regents of the University of California, Department of Veterans Affairs
  • US Patent no. 10,953,105 “Immunostimulatory compositions and methods of use thereof” assigned to Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • US Patent no. 10,940,171 “Microbial production of pure single stranded nucleic acids” assigned to Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • US Patent no. 10,876,142 “Compositions and methods for making selenocysteine containing polypeptides” assigned to Yale University
  • US Patent no. 10,821,143 “Chimeric VSV virus compositions and methods of use thereof for treatment of cancer” assigned to Yale University