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Case Study: Carbice Corporation

Carbice Corporation, a leader in thermal management materials, entered the marketplace with a unique IP challenge. The underlying material component for the company's inventions — carbon nanotubes — had been the subject of an overcrowded patent landscape for many years, but the Atlanta-based startup was the first to bring an actual series of thermal conductivity products using them to market. Carbice needed more than just patents... it needed true business protection in an environment where rivals were sure to lay claim to its innovations.

Carbice found comfort in PPG's ability to dig deep into both the scientific and business sides of the equation, and appreciate that which was unique about both. PPG quickly understood that too narrow a patent scope would fail to provide Carbice with the competitive advantage it had earned, and that a comprehensive IP strategy covering both short and long term goals was needed.

PPG drafted and filed patent applications, securing 10 granted patents in the United States and numerous foreign jurisdictions. PPG continues to prosecute Carbice's patent applications to help maintain secure protection for their intellectual property, and the productive partnership is now extending to new projects and innovations.

As a result, Carbice's customers — who include manufacturers of some of the world’s most important electronic, energy, and industrial products — are able to use its thermal management solutions as a key building block for their own innovations.

“PPG really cares about your success in your story as a business and they'll work with you to build a relationship, which is important. If you really want to have an outsourced IP firm that feels like they are in-house with you, PPG is that kind of firm.”
Baratunde Cola
Founder & CEO, Carbice Corporation -