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Case Study: Microspherix LLC

Microspherix LLC — a medical device development firm founded by radiation oncologist and independent inventor Edward J. Kaplan — has worked extensively with Pabst Patent Group (PPG) to craft patents for much of his intellectual property. PPG has been instrumental in developing a robust portfolio of patents  whose claims were able to withstand multiple invalidity challenges and provide immediate financial reward when challenged.

Most recently, Microspherix sued one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies on allegations that  its product infringed on claims in Microspherix  patents. In response, the corporation disputed the validity of the claims in Microspherix’s patents.

The stakes were high, but PPG’s work with Dr. Kaplan on patent development was up to the challenge. Microspherix prevailed, following a tribunal hearing. On appeal, the decision of the initial tribunal was upheld, confirming the strength of PPG’s robust patent strategy and approach.

Buoyed by this success, Kaplan plans to continue growing Microspherix's intellectual property portfolio, moving into new fields of development of revolutionary treatment for tumors in a variety of human and animal contexts.
“It’s pretty nice when you can go into court and not have the validity of your patent open for question, even against a huge pharmaceutical company. Everything I’ve ever done with PPG is solid.”
Dr. Edward J. Kaplan MD
Founder, Microspherix LLC