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Pabst Patent Group's team of attorneys, patent agents and scientific advisors has many years of experience securing patent protection for clients in a variety of life science fields including the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, chemical and medical device industries.

Drafting, Filing and Prosecuting

We approach patent procurement with the perspective of an investor, ensuring that the patent portfolios of our clients meet the rigorous requirements top investment firms demand.  Our clients' patent portfolios are often scrutinized by investors looking for cutting edge opportunities or licensed by companies recognizing the potential for creating a new and profitable entry into the market.  We draft and prosecute patent applications with one objective:  Ensuring the patent brings quantifiable value to our client.


We draft patent applications with a focus on enforceability and offering maximum possible protection to exclude competitors. We understand that our job is more than just obtaining a patent, rather it is to obtain commercially meaningful claims and ensure that the patent can withstand challenge.

International Implications

In addition to our extensive experience with patent prosecution in the US, our firm has vast experience in international patent prosecution and post-grant proceedings.  We prepare and file PCT patent applications and work with our extensive network of foreign associates to protect our clients' intellectual property in jurisdictions all over the world. 


Our team has extensive experience with managing the appeals process in the event that the claims of an application are finally rejected by an examiner. We have successfully presented written and oral arguments before the United States Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) and have appeared before the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC). We also frequently assist in appeals before the European Patent Office Board of Appeals. 

Our Work

Below are links to the patents that we have secured and the pending published patent applications that we are currently prosecuting on behalf of our clients.

Issued Patents

Pending Published Patent Applications