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The Pharmaceutical Industry

With so much at stake in the research, development, and regulatory process for new products, pharmaceutical companies must seek intellectual property counsel with specialized experience to protect their investment.

Pharmaceutical Expertise

Pabst Patent Group LLP offers unique expertise in protecting the intellectual property assets of pharmaceutical companies.

We have expertise in pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, genetics, neuroscience, immunology, drug delivery, and regulatory affairs. Pabst Patent Group LLP is uniquely positioned to protect the intellectual property underlying new drugs and medical treatments.

Pharmaceutical IP Services

Services we have provided our pharmaceutical industry clients include:
  • IP Strategy Development
  • IP Audit and Landscape Analysis
  • Prosecuting and Filing Patent Applications in the US and Foreign Jurisdictions
  • Representation in Patent Interferences, Reexamination Proceedings, and International Oppositions
  • Litigation Support
  • Due Diligence for Mergers, Acquisitions, and Partnering
  • Drafting and Negotiating License Agreements
  • Trademark Prosecution and Counseling

Examples of Pharmaceutical Patents

Below are exemplary patents that we have obtained for our clients in the pharmaceutical industry:
  1. US Patent No. 7,621,740 "Mahonia Aquifolium Extract, Extraction Process, and Pharmaceutical Composition Containing Same" assigned to Prime Pharmaceutical Corporation
  2. US Patent No. 7,585,520 "Compositions Containing both Sedative and Non-sedative Antihistamines and Sleep Aids" assigned to Collegium Pharmaceutical, Inc.
  3. US Patent No. 7,534,449 "Targeted and High Density Drug Loaded Polymeric Materials" assigned to Yale University
  4. US Patent No. 7,387,792 "Pharmaceutical Composition for Compressed Annular Tablet with Molded Triturate Tablet for both Intraoral and Oral Administration" assigned to Collegium Pharmaceutical, Inc.
  5. US Patent No. 7,279,457 "Rapid Acting Drug Delivery Compositions" assigned to Biodel, Inc.