Pabst Patent Group LLP | Yvonne Shyntum, Bob Hodges and Adam Raymond Panelists in Virtual Seminar
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Yvonne Shyntum, Bob Hodges and Adam Raymond Panelists in Virtual Seminar

When: November 13, 2020, at 12:00 P.M. EST
Where: Online
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Pabst Patent Group (PPG), in association with the Georgia Intellectual Property Alliance, will host a livestreamed seminar titled “EQ in Patent Prosecution” on Friday, November 13th at 12:00 P.M. EST. This free virtual roundtable, open to all patent agents, will discuss current hurdles facing the patent agent community in Georgia.

PPG attorneys Dr. Yvonne Shyntum, Dr. Robert Hodges, and Dr. Adam Raymond are featured panelists. Patent Agents of Georgia chairs Tarianna Stewart, Brian Genco, and Sarah Wilkening will also participate in the roundtable.

The Georgia Intellectual Property Alliance (GIPA) is a coalition of local leaders including business executives, IP attorneys, tech transfer experts, innovators, and volunteers. The Alliance aims to provide resources to facilitate the creation, protection and enablement of intellectual property. 

“Protecting innovation in hard times is more crucial than ever,” Dr. Shyntum said. “The seminar encourages patent agents all over Georgia to come together and discuss legal challenges in the current state of the world. It’s is a great opportunity to hear diverse voices from the intellectual property community, and to examine the current needs of the Patent Agent community in Georgia.”

Register to attend the seminar here, or for more information, visit the GIPA website.