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Pabst Patent Group advises innovators on the development of comprehensive intellectual property strategies that align with their business goals. We focus on helping clients leverage the market value of their discoveries while safeguarding against legal challenges.

Our lawyers often work with clients from the inception of their businesses. We immerse ourselves in understanding our client’s needs and goals so we can tailor an intellectual property strategy that will achieve their short- and long-term objectives.

Because developing a comprehensive patent portfolio can require significant financial investment, we typically take a structured, phased approach. Initially, we focus on securing broad patents that cover key technologies. These can have varying claim scope (e.g. claims to compositions, methods of making, and methods of using) in order to provide the most diversified protection.

We also help clients build portfolios that include licensing-in patents as well as defensive patents in competition-heavy areas. A multifaceted portfolio gives our clients an advantage in licensing deals and positions them for joint ventures or research collaborations.

Ultimately, an effective intellectual property strategy should include trademarks and trade secret protection, as necessary. We help clients protect names or symbols used to identify their products or services by filing intent to use trademark applications early on in development. When patent protection is not viable or appropriate, we help devise mechanisms to protect their innovations as trade secrets.

“Right from the start, we knew we were moving into an overcrowded patent landscape. Since we were the first to bring a real product to market, we needed a patent firm that could help us navigate that and capture real market value in our IP portfolio. PPG provided that for us.”
Baratunde Cola
Founder & CEO, Carbice Corporation -