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Universities/Research Institutions

The Challenges of Technology Transfer

The Technology Transfer Office of a university/research institution has unique needs and challenges.  Universities and research institutions evaluate a large number of invention disclosures, prosecute a large portfolio of cases, manage disputes, maximize deals and negotiate creatively- all while supporting the academic mission of their professors, researchers and students.  Universities and research institutions must maintain a fine balance between cultivating ideas which may serve the greater good and managing the financial responsibility associated with the intensive and expensive undertaking of technology development.

Pabst Patent Group: The Right Fit

Our Firm is the right fit for universities and research institutions.  Our attorneys, patent agents, scientific advisors and legal professionals have developed a unique understanding of the needs of academic and research institutions after working with technology transfer offices for many years.  We are intimately familiar with the objectives and challenges faced by the technology transfer office at universities and research institutions.  We counsel many major institutions in the acquisition, protection and commercialization of their intellectual property.  We are actively involved with the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) and we maintain close relationships with university technology managers worldwide.

We are sensitive to the budgetary constraints faced by technology transfer offices.  Our low overhead structure and balanced staffing strategies allow us to provide our clients with superior services at competitive costs.

University/Research Institution IP Services

  • IP Strategy Development
  • Prosecuting and Filing Patent Applications in the US and Foreign Jurisdictions
  • Trademark Prosecution and Counseling
  • Drafting and Negotiating License Agreements
  • Inventorship Analysis
“We needed knowledgeable intellectual property counsel from a law firm that had a deep understanding of new technologies in life sciences. But, they also needed expertise representing top level universities and research institutions. Pabst Patent Group exceeded our expectations on all fronts!”
Diane K. Harmon
Director, Intellectual Property Administration
Yale University Office of Cooperative Research