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Case Study: Yale University

Pabst Patent Group (PPG) assists Yale University’s Office of Cooperative Research in converting breakthrough scientific research into commercially profitable ventures. Over the past 14 years, we have helped Yale secure more than 100 patents in multiple jurisdictions around the world.

Yale was looking for intellectual property counsel from a firm with a sophisticated understanding of life sciences and experience working with top-tier universities and research institutions. Given the depth of PPG’s knowledge and our strong track record of university work, we have been able to deliver significant value as a strategic business partner.

Our team of lawyers, scientific advisors, and patent agents have collaborated closely with the Office of Cooperative Research to provide intellectual property strategy and patent prosecution services in a wide range of cutting-edge technologies. We focus on capturing the fullest, most advantageous scope for each of Yale’s patents. Our work with Yale has spanned drug delivery, cell-based therapies, gene editing, genetic engineering, molecular biology tools and techniques, immunotherapy, nanoparticles, protein- and nucleic acid-based therapies, biosensors, diagnostics, and stent coatings.

Thanks to our role in securing strong, enforceable patents for Yale’s groundbreaking discoveries, the Office of Cooperative Research has attracted significant interest from business partners and investors. In fact, a number of the assets for which we have obtained patents have since been licensed and formed the basis of startup launches. Our intellectual property counsel is playing a key role in Yale’s ability to turn its innovative research into promising new health care products and technologies.

“We needed knowledgeable intellectual property counsel from a law firm that had a deep understanding of new technologies in life sciences. But, they also needed expertise representing top level universities and research institutions. Pabst Patent Group exceeded our expectations on all fronts! PPG developed detailed IP strategies to consistently convert research from Yale’s labs into commercially profitable ventures. Today, these IP assets promote new medical technologies and improve health around the world.”

Diane K. Harmon
Director, Intellectual Property Administration
Office of Cooperative Research Yale University